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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Digimon: the Movie (Udi Harpaz and Amotz Plessner)

(Plot information gleaned from IMDb, because there is no way I'm scouring my brain to recall information about this movie on my own.) Three stories, substantially edited down from three films: "The first involes an encounter with a digimon of the third kind. The two kids Kari and Tai, raise this fast growing digimon from egg to giant monster. It's a good thing it showed up too, as an awsome fight ends this segment. The second of the movies involves Tai and Izzy. Some sort of computer virus sweeps th internet. It turns out to be a digimon. The digimon are uploaded to the internet and Tai tries to get others to help. Matt and T.K. help as well, with some more outstanding fight scenes. The third and Final segment starts in N.Y. with Kari and T.K., now years older, and they see 2 digimon fighitng and a kid with them. They try to follow him and they get there friends to follow as well. One of the new digimon belongs to Willis, the other, does as well, except this digimon seems to have a virus." - user name chrombot

I haven't seen this in a decade, but I recall it being not that bad for what it long as you were cautious enough to bypass the first few minutes. (Those who've seen it know what I'm talking about. Those who are curious, trust me on this. It's not worth finding out.)

As with a number of Saban-produced family features around this time, the music is lush and exciting, a fine collaboration between the underappreciated Udi Harpaz and Amotz Plessner.

Digimon: the Movie
music by
Udi Harpaz & Amotz Plessner

1. Introduction/The DigiEgg 1.38
2. The Egg Hatches 3.18
3. Coramon in the City/Digimon Fight 7.04
4. Computer Virus 0.57
5. Internet Glitch/The Digimon 2.38
6. Everyone's Unavailable 3.10
7. Digimon Fight #2 3.32
8. Internet Battle/Rebooting 3.44
9. Multiplication/Backwards from Ten 2.39
10. It's Over 1.33
11. Going Digital/Omnimon 2.07
12. Glitch Destroyed 1.34
13. Meet the Team 2.38
14. A Trip to Colorado 5.35
15. Digimon Fight #3/Another Ride 3.09
16. Willis' Story 2.52
17. "He'll Find Us" 1.41
18. Final Battles/ "Time to Heal" 8.08
19. Finale/Another DigiEgg 1.21

Pieces of the score have made their way to YouTube, but I would love a full release of this delightful score.



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