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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gymkata (Alfi Kabiljo)

Stay with me, here: high above the nation of Parmistan is the perfect spot for a satellite to monitor all other satellites. The US government wants it, but the only way it can get it is with a mystical (and inscrutable) game, and the winner is granted one wish. The best man for the job ends up being...champion gymnast Jonathan Cabot (Kurt Thomas).

Once upon a time, a film directed by Robert Clouse helped launch a career for (and made a legend out of) a truly skilled athlete. Cut to about a decade later and, instead of a master of Jeet Kune Do, he tried to turn the same trick with a guy pretty good at jumping and flipping. This film tries to be Enter the Dragon, but (obviously) it's not. Still, the silly story is played refreshingly straight, making for a surprisingly charming bit of nonsense.

As the film was shot in Yugoslavia, it was likely required that a local composer be asked to do the music. Fortuitously, Alfi Kabiljo gave the film a lively score, with a driving action motif, exotic stylings for the (fictional) country of Parmistan and a cello-led main theme.

composed & conducted
Alfi Kabiljo

1. Main Titles 1.15
2. Ride of the Marauders 1.52
3. Jonathan Victorious 0.56
4. Training Montage 1.22
5. Up the Stairs 0.32
6. Relieving Tension 0.56
7. Bazaar Source 1.29
8. Finding a Body 0.37
9. Alley Fight 0.56
10. Storming the House 1.47
11. Escaping Bad Guys 2.54
12. The Mountain 0.25
13. Down the River 1.05
14. River Fight 1.21
15. Intro to the Game 1.08
16. Field Chase 2.15
17. Bridge Over Troubled Water 1.43
18. Banquet Source 1.27
19. "Take me to the Princess." 0.51
20. "Stop!" 0.28
21. The Next Morning... 0.28
22. Hunting Jonathan 3.34
23. Making it Across 0.51
24. The Forest 0.48
25. Jonathan vs. Thor 1.02
26. "He'll never get out alive." 0.31
27. Nest of Crazies 5.56
28. Fancy Footwork 2.39
29. Cornered 2.01
30. Farewell Father 0.55
31. Horse Chase 1.20
32. Jonathan vs. Zamir 2.20
33, Hero's Welcome/End Credits 3.20



Blogger Sergej said...

Is there any chance to hear this soundtrack?

6:12 PM  
Blogger Sergej said...

A je sploh kdo tukaj?

8:54 AM  

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