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Sunday, January 02, 2005

"Whatever I say."

In a lot of cartoons, you're encouraged to root for the good person; the person who, despite the odds, does their best to do the right thing. Moreover, you're encouraged to boo and hiss the bad person; the one who tries to make things horrible for the protagonists.

However, in Craig Bartlett's inexplicable bizarro world, we have to boo and hiss Lila, the sweet (perhaps too sweet) girl well liked by the other characters. Even stranger is the fact that Helga, the girl who is feared and annoyed by the other characters, is someone to cheer for. Did I miss a meeting?!

So went the plotting in the later years of "Hey Arnold!". I said I'd have a lot to say, and while I do so hate stringing people along, time grows short, so I must sum up by saying that there are some sick people in the world, to emulate Helga and scorn Lila.

I shall delineate further in the coming days.


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