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Monday, December 05, 2005

Of birthdays and parfaits.

No, it wasn't mine. 'Twas my mom's. Even with the absent of cake, it turned out well. My sisters got her DVDs, while I got her a book. It wasn't easy, though. I tried a number of stores on this one street, to no avail; too expensive, too Christmassy or just not right. I also got a card. Not too showy, with plenty of space to write a nice message.

Finding a good card had its share of problems, too. Can someone tell me why greeting card companies have this hard-on for soaking their wares in glitter? It cheapens the basic message and it ends up stuck on your hands, most likely a reminder of why you don't get these cards.

At work today, they had what was known as a caramel creme parfait. Perhaps it was the subconscious lack of birthday cake or my morbid curiosity at work, but I gave it a try. Needless to say I'll be sticking to the ever-elusive banana parfait. I have one in the fridge that I treat like Dom Perignon from '72; only for an extra-special occasion...unless I can find more, then, goodbye.


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