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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Because I can think of nothing else to post (and because I hate going without posting something for more than a week), I'm going to rip off a concept from a more popular blog. Here are but a few of the things I'm thankful for:

film music (and the many ways in which it can be obtained)
YouTube (when its powers are used for good)
shipping (likewise)
the creativity and cleverness required to craft screenplays
cartoons and the people who bring them to life (save, of course, for the three douche-nozzles who raped and murdered a once-beloved's not that hard to guess who they are)
free samples (free food samples, that is; free perfume samples can eat a dick)
breakfasts that don't have anything to do with oatmeal
big meals, in general
stumbling upon sitcoms I've missed and laughing myself stupid
reading comic books on the bus
the comedy of Patton Oswalt (okay, I pretty much stole this one from Ken Levine's blog, but the man is freaking funny)
the Ain't It Cool News message boards
the Ondes Martenot
the chances to change my life
a sense of humor
the ability to appreciate beauty, in its many forms
the Wilhelm Scream
going to see movies
the value of a dollar
the 'kid on Christmas morning' feeling I get waiting for a specialty soundtrack label to announce new titles
keeping things organized
the adorability of Amy Adams
remembering favorite moments in movies and TV
my family

I hope I haven't rambled too much. Whether I have or not, I'll probably add to the list later on.



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