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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Love at First Bite (Charles Bernstein)

Count Dracula (George Hamilton) travels to America to woo his intended, model Cindy Sondheim (Susan Saint James). However, he must deal with the jungle that is New York City and Cindy's psychiatrist (Richard Benjamin), a descendent of Van Helsing. Perhaps the funniest Dracula movie ever made, with an amusing script by Robert Kaufman and fine performances, especially Arte Johnson as Renfield.

Though he gained some fame years later for scoring more serious horror stories (The Entity, Cujo, A Nightmare on Elm Street), Charles Bernstein's score is terrific, with a lovely main theme of violin and cimbalom.

Love at First Bite
music by
Charles Bernstein

1. Main Titles/Dracula's Solo 2.18
2. "There she is" 2.01
3. Dracula's Promise 0.11
4. The Angry Mob 1.50
5. "Remember this..." 0.50
6. Drive to New York/The Funeral 1.19
7. Dracula Walks the Streets 1.33
8. The Photo Shoot 2.49
9. "A bite to drink" 2.07
10. Dracula's Lament 1:06
11. Dracula Bites Cindy 1.17
12. Jeffrey's Theories 2.25
13. A Staring Contest/On the Balcony 1.28
14. Wake-Up Call? 0.22
15. Racing the Clock 0.54
16. "Burn, baby, burn!" 1.45
17. Dracula Sucks!/The Hearse 0.18
18. Pillow Talk 1.55
19. The Brown-Out 1.40
20. The Chase 4.21
21. Run to the Plane 0.29
22. The Third Bite 1.16
23. Finale 0.30



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