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Monday, December 12, 2005

Revenge of the Sitch

As some of you may or may not be aware, the Disney Channel series "Kim Possible" has been renewed for an additional 22 episodes. To me, this news is good and bad. The good: when it was on, at least, it was a greatly entertaining program. The bad: the finale, "So the Drama", ended with Kim and Ron as a couple. When the show returns, they'll be dating.

In the interest of full disclosure, I like the idea of Kim and Ron together, but at the end of the day, that is never a good reason to watch a cartoon.

A number of tidbits about the newer episodes are available at this fansite. Among the items mentioned...

As if first love isn't challenging enough, they have mean queen Bonnie Rockwaller trying to sabotage them at every opportunity.

In the third season episode, "Bonding", we got a glimpse of why Bonnie was so, uh, cutting and cruel: her even more one-dimensional (if you can believe that) older sisters, Connie and Lonnie (nice names, BTW) lord their superiority over her. Had this been carried on, I might've seen clear to feel sympathy for her...but in "So the Drama", she was just as nasty as ever. It seems to me like the staff is making the Helga G. Pataki mistake of getting us to feel sympathy for someone who couldn't deserve less of it. I don't care how many fanfics try to change this: Bonnie Rockwaller will always, always be that mouthy little twat in need of a good dip*.

In one episode, when the crime gets personal, Monique suits up and jumps into action alongside Kim. Once she gets a taste of real action, Monique becomes a valuable asset to Team Possible with her fashion skills applied for undercover disguises.

I just wanna say I'm quite fascinated with this and hope that Monique fares better than she did in "A Sitch in Time"...the present section, I mean.

We'll also see more of Ron's home life this season, as his only child status comes to an abrupt end.

This one's a two-parter, so pay attention. First, it will be nice to see more of Ron's parents. From the few moments they've been on screen, they come off as very likable. Second, this is as good a reason as any to bring back season one Ron. If a baby boy or girl enters the Stoppable home and their older brother is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, a voice like a five-year-old boy, an intellect to match and pants that never stay on, the kid will be damn lucky to survive.

In fact, season three should serve as a learning experience in what shouldn't be done for season four. Let's see, I already mentioned Ron, so what else is there? Oh, yes: forced slang ('awkweird', 'jelling' and 'roachist' are but three words I hope to never hear again), inconsequential plots ("Bad Boy", I'm staring right at you), that's it.

There will soon come a time where I examine the show by the writing, but for now, let me say that...we shall see what happens upon its return. Hopefully, it will be just as good as the first season. Worst case scenario, it turns into a parody of itself, like "Family Guy".

* - Shame on anyone who doesn't get this reference.


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