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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Random thoughts - the last couple of days.

(Just ignore the two posts below this one...and, no, I don't feel like deleting them.)

- Had the Tortilla Scramble at IHOP yesterday. Holy piss. This may well outstrip last year's Loaded Minion Taters breakfast...and that one had tater tots in it. Tater tots!

- While waiting for a seat (and enjoying my meal), I caught sight of a heavenly pair of hooters. Of course, some chick didn't flash me, but the top she wore left little to the imagination (i.e. cleavage for days).

- Apparently, Borders is on its way out. Everything must go and all that. My indecisiveness caused me to waste more time than I expected and I only ended up getting a "Mutts" collection. (Hopefully, I can be more organized the next time I stop by.)

- 'Apparently', part two: Papa Johns doesn't sell pizza by the slice. I'd still like to eat there someday...and is it too much to ask to get a Sonic in this town?!

- Saw X-Men: First Class today. Matthew Vaughn continues to be awesome. That is all. Also, the cameos brought a smile to my face.

If only I could feel this happy on work days...



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