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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I would've killed myself years ago if it didn't involve so much work and pain.

I merely bring this up because I was at the movies today (In Time, for the curious). On the way to my seat, I pass a goddess: red hair, dark eyes, porcelain skin and not shy about dressing up as a schoolgirl, even though she looked to be a few years out of school. Also, she was there alone. In between losing myself in the plot, I steal glances at her and think about what I want to say to the potential mother of my children. The film ends. The lights go up. I approach her. My debilitating shyness kicks in. I freeze. She walks away. Out of my life...forever. Within range of a goddess and I let her slip through my fingers.

I'm definitely selling my soul at 35. I have no other option.

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