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Sunday, January 01, 2012


Here's another list of things I want to do, but (more than likely due to laziness or disinterest) probably won't:

- attend at least one convention (I really don't care what city it's held in.)

- get my own place (A 30-year-old guy still living at home. The scandal!)

- take this screenwriting thing seriously (I have an idea in particular that I just know might get my foot in the door.)

- learn how to play an instrument (Not really something I have to do. I just have a curiosity.)

- avoid eating so much at the movies (This one I can't completely promise, despite the hit my wallet takes.)

- talk to beautiful women (As in complete sentences; Just saying 'Hey' is not acceptable.)

I doubt this is a complete list. I'm always forgetting something.

And to anyone who read my post last night/this morning, deep apologies if I worried you.



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