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Friday, March 07, 2014

While I admit to not being a huge fan of the character design on "Ben 10: Omniverse" (hey, it's not as inept as the design - and demeanor, now that I think about it - of Vicky and Tootie's parents on "The Fairly OddParents"), pointing to it as the main reason for the show's lameness is like complaining about a Ford Pinto being the wrong color...while it's on fire. There's not enough space at the blog to point out why this show is so bad (and blog space is infinite!), so let me single out the method used to break up Ben and Julie at the beginning of "Rules of Engagement". It almost makes Matt Negrete's "Kim Possible" episodes seem competent...and I stress almost.

Which is to say that the show has fans (I don't get it, either) and one of them created a not-bad mash-up of "Omniverse" and the webtoon "Bonus Stage". Would that the former could even aspire to the decentness of the latter.

BONUS 10 from Sandwich And Cereal on Vimeo.


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