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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Paparazzi (Brian Tyler)

Hot action star Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) finds himself targeted by a group of scummy paparazzi (because Lord knows there aren't other, bigger movie stars that they could be harassing). What happens when a decent man is pushed too far (and that, for all the world, could be a tagline for one of Laramie's movies)?

Less a movie than a rant on behalf of Hollywood stars who hate having their privacy invaded...and it's an absolute blast. Guilty pleasures don't come much guiltier.

Brian Tyler wrote a lively score for the film, its highlights including a creepy buzzing motif for the paparazzi and a rising 'realization' motif for Dennis Farina's Detective Burton.

(Okay, I admit this is something of a cheat since the score was released, but, a long time ago at FSM's message board, there was a thread that invited posters to create new track listings for existing soundtracks. I channeled my inner Michael Giacchino - only to find that he had an inner freak - and this is what I came up with for this.)

1. Bo-lden Shower (Cat and Mouse) 2.22
2. Detractors of Photography (Aftermath) 3.29
3. Bad Reflection (Solitude) 1.07
4. The Walls Have Eyes (The Break-In) 1.25
5. Coma Chameleon (The Awakening) 1.35
6. Baiting a Master (Turning Tables) 3.03
7. Rude Rolex Rider (Silent Anger) 1.34
8. Hanging by a Thread (Falling) 2.13
9. Candid Cameras (Taped Evidence) 2.25
10. Finding a Victim (Questioning) 2.26
11. Somebody's Wife (Taking Rex In) 0.49
12. Bo Knows Vengeance (Realization) 1.48
13. Bo Wrecks Rex (End of the Line) 3.36
14. Hospitalty (Discussion with a Detective) 0.53
15. Autograph Book 'em (The Telltale Pen) 2.31
16. Soccer? Riot! (Celebrity Life) 2.47
17. Rex Trashes His Scene (Garbage Fetish) 1.00
18. Planted and Payoff (Evidence Lost) 1.22
19. Rock the Boat (Laramie Hitches a Ride) 1.17
20. WonderBo (Batter Up) 2.15
21. Briton? He's Speared (Hands in the Air) 1.10
22. Nobody Got Hurt (Telling) 0.43
23. Laramie in La-La-Land (Premiere) 1.23
24. Piqued in the Valley (Scene of the Crime) 2.50
25. Homemade Sex Tape (Blackmail) 1.59
26. Drive-by Shooting (Camera Chase) 0.50
27. Bo Laramie's Punch-Out (Tabloid Exposure) 1.49
28. Ladder Alone (Adrenaline Force 2) 0.30
29. Get Shorty (Invasion of Privacy) 0.34
30. Fear Abby (Intruders) 1.41
31. Blood Red Carpet (Fans and Lights) 1.33
32. Tyler's Final Fade-Out (Resolution) 1.57

BTW, here's the film order: 29-16-27-17-26-2-3-25-14-22-28-7-8-12-24-6-21-15-4-30-19-20-1-9-10-18-13-11-32-5-23-31.



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