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Friday, May 02, 2014

"You were supposed to understand."

Well, today sees the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In an interesting confluence, today is Elliot Goldenthal's birthday. I'm currently listening to the score album of Batman Forever, the first CD I bought 16 years ago and the one that started me on this long, strange trip of collecting.

Someone on Twitter posted this a while ago. Damned if I can remember who it was, but he (she?) pointed out that super hero movies seem to be following some kind of Batman Forever model. Thinking about it can blow your mind a little. Check it: a nerdy geek of a scientist (who is also a nerd) idolizes the hero, then something happens to make them super-powerful and a true threat. On TV Tropes, this is called 'From Nobody to Nightmare', so it may pre-date superhero cinema as we know it (I haven't yet checked). Batman Forever. Iron Man 3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (All sequels!)

Just one of those weird things one can't help but notice.

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