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Friday, May 15, 2015

My deepest apologies for not posting anything in a while. Laziness and apathy are a deadly mix, especially when mixed with self-doubt.

I can't promise that I'm working on something big. If and when I post something, it'll likely be the same old shit.

BTW, I submitted an entry for The Writers' Store's 'Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest'. Take one of their loglines and write the first 15 pages of it and maybe, you could win. (My logline choice: "A superhero has a one night stand with her arch enemy and discovers she's pregnant with his child.") The list of the top 10 finalists were just posted and, of course, I wasn't on it, though one of the finalists - who I can only assume chose the same logline - had a most amusing title: Wonder Broad.

Still, as I'm sure I mentioned before, the logline inspired me for the first time in ages. I'm a third of the way through. Here's hoping I get the drive to finish.

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