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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down Periscope (Randy Edelman)

Rebel naval commander Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is finally given command of a sub, but it's a rusted wreck left over from World War II. With this ship and a crew of oddballs, can he succeed at wargames and further his career? Nearly twenty years later, this comedy (a sort-of remake of Major League from that film's director, David S. Ward) holds up surprisingly well. There are many laughs among the talented ensemble and Grammer is good in a role quite unlike Dr. Frasier Crane ("Welcome aboard", indeed).

Randy Edelman's score is one of his better works, mostly eschewing the (somewhat distracting) synths that are his trademark and concentrating on orchestra, highlighted by a stirring main theme; almost like his take on the Police Academy march.

Down Periscope
composed and conducted
Randy Edelman

1. Main Titles 2.25
2. Returning to Base 0.14
3. Good News 0.54
4. "The USS Rustoleum" 0.40
5. Visiting Winslow 0.08
6. The Right Man?/"Crew from Hell" (Mark McKenzie) 4.23
7. Lt. Emily Lake 0.41
8. Cleaning up the Stingray 0.27
9. Relocation/Pascal Overboard 1.17
10. Laundry Duty 1.01
11. "Prepare for Dive" 2.29
12. "Down to 5-0-0" 3.46
13. Strategizing on the Orlando 0.31
14. "Prepare to Surface" 1.03
15. Running Lights 1.50
16. First Success 0.28
17. Showing Some Flare 0.49
18. Clumsy Kitchen/"Rig for silent running." 2.49
19. Silent Running 2.16
20. Gas Attack 1.25
21. "Course 0-2-7" 0.55
22. "Fight another day." 1.03
23. Sunrise 0.21
24. Captain Pascal? (Mark McKenzie) 1.13
25. "Attempted mutiny" 0.14
26. Walking the Plank 0.47
27. "Welcome aboard, Sir."/"Bizarre and risky." 9.29
28. The Stingray Surfaces/A Shooting Solution 7.52
29. Victory 1.36
30. Dodge's Promotion 2.30

That a specialty label (Quartet) recently - and finally - put out an Edelman score (Pontiac Moon), I think, augurs well for this one.



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