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Friday, December 18, 2015

"That's not true!"

So, I've had The Force Awakens spoiled for me twice in the last 18 hours. Still fairly upset about it. It's not like I was looking for spoilers. Some cockfag just posted it on sites I happen to visit. (The smartass response to this would likely be 'Just don't go on the internet, then!'. Is it as hard for you to go without as it is for me? That's what I thought.)

Now, I've never been into Star Wars. I know of it, certainly - I'm not Amish - but I never really got around to getting into it. Maybe someday, though. Still, seeing the movie would've made for a nice way to spend a couple hours. I still might, though. I'll try to act surprised.

On the other hand, if someone spoiled The Hateful Eight for me, I'd have to cut out their Adam's Apple and bake it into a pie. It's the only logical solution.

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