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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Can you tell if I'm happy or mad?

Not to drop a big ol' jinx deuce, but today, I turned a corner in my life of 'I'm never gonna get out of debt, much less ever have money to even pay off the stuff I'm dealing with in front of me'.

Going on Facebook, I find a post about how freelance writers are needed to provide a few articles a month...for pay! I get in contact with the person who posted the ad and they sent me an e-mail elaborating on the position.

Now, by itself, that's some pretty good news.

Cut to a few hours later. I interviewed with a company about a job and expressed a desire to work a certain schedule, one that would allow me to work two jobs with (more or less) the same income.

Training begins the week after next. I'm a little excited and nervous, as most people in similar situations ought to be, but - assuming I play my cards right - this may be the last 'worried' post I make here for a while.

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