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Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Would you like to hear me, uh, tell a joke?"

Got called into my boss' office at work today (sidebar: This kinda reminds me of a bit on "The Drew Carey Show", back when it was funny, i.e. before the turn of the century., only it was about the voices in one's head - "Go to the top of the watchtower...and just enjoy the view." Long story short, why can't it be good news when you get called into the boss' office?). Apparently, I cashed a bad check. The number on the person's license (written on the check for reference) is traced to no one. What's more, I wasn't paying attention to if the picture on the license matched the face of the woman cashing the check. (I usually go by if the expiration date of the license is after that day; you would not believe the shit I've gotten from people with expired licenses.) And the logo of the company that put out the check had no address next to it. The amount of the check? $742.61.

One might say that I was Abagnaled. (BTW, this term that I just now invented, and the title of this entry come from the best film I saw in 2002, Catch Me If You Can.)


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