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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I had a very trying day at work today and since I'm so afraid of doing damage to other people (mainly because of consequences) or myself (mainly because of pain), I'm just going to do the one thing I can do when the world knocks me down that isn't self-gratification (and I feel comfortable admitting that because a. Honesty is the best policy and b. I know no one reads this fucking blog anyway, so who can judge me and if anyone deigns to try, are they really going to tell me that they don't jerk it...or have never jerked it?): bitching on the internet.

I think it only right to post a list that I've been meaning to post for a long time...

Why I like film music better than people:

- Film music never asks stupid questions, but offers beautiful statements.

- Unlike people, film music knows never to wear out its welcome.

- Film music can never hurt you, physically or emotionally.

- Film music doesn't leave an unpleasant smell.

- Film music is creative, not like the unimaginative dullards that comprise most of humanity.

- Film music may disappoint, but with far less frequency than people.

- Film music doesn't ask you to change yourself; it loves you for who you are.

- Film music can linger in the memory with wonderful themes, not acts of cruelty or ignorance.

- Unlike people, film music is something to look forward to seeing every day.

- If there are parts you don't like, you can skip over them while listening to film music.

- People come and go, but film music is forever.

- Film music doesn't mess shit up; if anything, it's really organized.

- Film music makes you feel good about yourself and the world.

If this list feels like it was dashed off, that's probably because it was. Assuming you've read this far, do you have any others to add? (and I know you have them; why else would you be reading this post?)

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