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Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, 11:56pm

I was nervous. Really, why would I not have been? This was the first time I ventured from my home for the New Year's celebration downtown.

I've alwyas wondered what it was like down here, amongst the revelers. In the last hour, I recognized no fewer than a dozen I went to school with. All but three were women, who I'd been mildly attracted to back then.

I felt I had to be careful. Despite the lack of booze at the event, you just never know about people.


I turned around. There she was, looking as good as ever.


We embrace.

"So, what do you think?"

"Of the weather? Not much, let me tell you."

Despite the fact that the cold was getting to me, as well, that wasn't what I meant.


"And of the ceremonies?"

"Not too bad. It beats watching the New Years' Eve stuff on TV."

"Yeah." A little half-hearted, I know. "Thanks for coming up here."

"Well, you did spot half of my airfare. It'd be a shame to waste it."

" have you been?"

"Pretty well."

"See any good movies?"

"Ha. I did, though. Lawless, Skyfall, Frankenweenie, Jack Reacher, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. That was like a freaking documentary."

"I know!"

"What else was there? Django Unchained, The Hobbit, Wreck-It Ralph, Flight, Looper and Sinister."

"Looper?" My tone had taken on a distinct resemblance to "Otisburg?" from Superman.

"What is it, now? You didn't like Looper?"

"I didn't say that."

"I caught that tone. What was wrong?"

Well, she asked for it. "The first half of the the film--"

"You hated the first half of Looper?"

"I loved the first half of Looper. Great premise, well-written, exciting, then young Joe gets to the farm and the film just collapses."

"Come on! You didn't like the farm stuff or the kid?"

"If the second half had been a logical follow-through of the first half, it would be a masterpiece. Not, 'this is the world of the loopers' and then, 'oh, here's this kid with Akira powers'. They just didn't fit."


"The kid grows up to be the guy closing the loops because a looper killed his mom."

"And if Joe didn't end up on the farm, would it have turned out that way?"

"I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree."

"I guess."

A pregnant pause. We watch the crowds around us as they scream and shout. I really ought to say something. If I lose a new friend over Looper...

"Anything interesting happen since Comic-Con?"

"Yeah. I kept in touch with some of the artists I met. I sent them some of my stuff. I really hope that something comes of it. What about you?"

"Got rear-ended in a car crash."


"That's pretty much what I said."


"You feeling better now?"

"Except for the rage I feel when any car gets too close to me, yeah, I'm doing fine."

"Man, that must suck. Was the guy drinking?"

"I really don't know. He might've been distracted. I just want to put it behind me."

"I probably would, too."

"Made any New Year's resolutions?"

"It's so hard to make resolutions. There's the pressure to keep them. Plus, the stuff you're giving up is too irresistible. Do you know how many times I've given up chocolate?"

I can hear the countdown in the background. Goodbye 2012, hello 2013.

"What about you? You have any resolutions?"

May as well give it a shot. "Yes." I grab her arms. "To be more bold." I plant a kiss on her lips.

Tuesday January 1st, 12:00am

"Happy new year!"

"Seriously, that's your resolution?"

"It was a long time coming."

"Do you kiss every girl you've only known a few months?"

"I haven't known many girls."

"I can see why." I glance away. That was a little too forward. "Don't back down from your boldness so fast."

I chuckle. "So, you want to do anything?"

"Just go back to my hotel."

"Can I meet you for breakfast?"

"You know a place?"

"I know several!"

It's like I say: never regret the things you do in life; only regret the things you don't do.


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