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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"ReBoot!" - the Quickening

(Hey, I've thought of another way to keep this blog active!)

The Invisible - Haven't seen the Swedish (Finnish? Norwegian?) original. I'm referring to the remake. Neat story of a disillusioned teenager who, due to circumstances, is beaten to death. He returns, sort of; trapped between the world of the living and the world of the dead, he's desperate to find a connection. Unfortunately, nothing he does to get the attention of the living has any effect. Huh. Can't imagine why I'd have an interest in a story like this. Unfortunately, director David S. Goyer and his writers were unimpressed by this bulletproof idea (sound like anyone we know?) and so, they incorportated a ridiculous love story angle in the second half. On the face of it, this seems rather harmless, at least until you consider that the main character's love interest is the girl who beat him to death. What the pants-shitting fuck?! It would seem that no one has learned a goddamned thing from "Hey Arnold!". I have my own ideas on how to fix this. Don't you worry.

Valentine - The novel "Valentine" by Tom Savage is a intriguing little thriller that, while breaking no new ground in terms of plotting, is awash in visual style. It's not hard to imagine Savage's scene descriptions on the big screen. The book relies on a trick of misdirection that might be hard to pull off in a film, but I'm sure an ace screenwriter could work with it. Why, then, with this fine source material, would the 2001 film borrow nothing of the book at all and substituting nothing of substance? The film, while not unwatchable, is as anonymous as any other entry into the 'worm that turned' genre. My solution: film the book.

Dr. Jekyll and Sister (Ms.) Hyde - Nothing too fancy. Combine the basic skeleton of Sister with the modern setting and effects caliber of Ms. and voila! Throwing in lesbian elements wouldn't hurt, either. :D



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