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Thursday, October 25, 2012


With all the remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, ripoffs and other synonyms for 'we've run out of ideas', I'm sure that (through Stockholm Syndrome) most people have concocted a list of stuff that they'd happily do-over (wait, there's another one!). Here is my short list:

The One - Don't remember this? FX shows it every other week, but, for those who don't a) have cable or b) care to recall it, here's the scoop: there are several universes. Yulaw (Jet Li) has been jumping from universe to universe, killing different versions of himself and absorbing their power. His last stop is our universe, where our version of him, Gabe, is now just as powerful. I don't know. Maybe, I'm hung up on the 'various universes' aspect, but we only get a tiny glimpse of them. I'm not saying it needs to be a trilogy or anything, but this idea deserves better than a second-rate Jet Li movie.

Danny Phantom - Teenager becomes half-ghost and must fight the ghosts wreaking havoc on his hometown. Neat idea, and there were some good episodes scattered about. However, my main problem with this show was that, in an era of cartoons that happily sacrificed character believability for the sake of humor ("Kim Possible", "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"), "Danny Phantom" may well have been the most egregious. It wouldn't have mattered so much if the humor were, well, humorous. Sadly, no. There are a handful of American cartoons that, for better or worse, were appropriated by the Japanese ("Lilo and Stitch", "The Powerpuff Girls"). Take the basic gist of this show and filter it through the lushness and imagination of anime, and we could have something truly astonishing.

Looper - "Too soon!", you may say. I say, it's not. You know the story: in the future, time travel has been invented, but it's illegal and used by the mob to get rid of any problems. People are sent back thirty years and killed by special assassins called 'loopers'. The only rule - never let your target escape, even when your target is you. My version of this movie would be a gas: here, we stay with the whole looping aspect and, believe you me, I'll be very careful not to wish my movie into a fucking cane field, unlike some people I could name.



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