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Monday, October 22, 2012

Clubbed over the head.

In a turnabout so stunning to film music fans, you'd half expect to get an e-mail saying that it wasn't a real announcement with the signature '-ak.' (I don't watch MTV. Is getting "Punk'd" still a thing? Who cares?), Varese Sarabande's CD Club has announced its latest batch of titles...and they're, pretty much, uniformly awesome. What is this, 2006? Let's take a look:

Man on Fire - Best known to most people as the finale music in Die Hard, this John Scott score features a lush, beautiful main theme (yeah, what Scott score doesn't?). I'm definitely getting this.

The Boy Who Could Fly - One of the rare non-Intrada releases of a Bruce Broughton score. This was released a long time ago on LP (at the time of the film, just like Man on Fire) and is getting a second life thanks to the label's Encore sub-division. I'm getting this, too.

Enemy Mine: the Deluxe Edition - In the 80s, Maurice Jarre divided between lush orchestral scores and electronic-based efforts. For this film, Jarre melded the two approaches. Some great music here, though at 1500 copies, I doubt I'll have much time to think about getting it.

The Red Pony - A world-premiere release of a Jerry Goldsmith score to the 1973 telefilm (and his first Emmy win). Never heard this music. Maybe, it'll stick around.

Die Hard 2: the Deluxe Edition - The complete release of Michael Kamen's sequel score. Haven't seen the film in a while, so I'm not completely sure if this is a must-get. (Funny story: the La La Land release of the score to the first movie sold out in a matter of days. A few months back, I managed to snag a copy...for the original price of $29.99. Buysoundtrax, why must you be so helpful and so frustrating in equal measure?)


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