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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, 2:22am

I wake up suddenly. Still in my clothes from the previous day. I'm sleeping on a mattress. Very soft. I reach for the lamp next to the bed. my room. I don't even remember getting in, and yet, here I am.

In a panic, I rifle through my belongings.

Everything is where it should be.

That's just weird.

I check my abdomen. No stitches. That's reassuring.

I'm going back to bed. Whatever happened, I'll figure it out in the morning.


I'm awake. Okay, based on the one time I saw The Hangover, I can only assume that evidence of what happened will be on my phone.

I grab it. The power bar shows but a sliver of green. I go to the camera function and click on the pictures.




That stands to reason. I finally get some excitement in my life and I don't even remember it.


Not enough time to wait for my phone to charge. I'll have to bring the charger along. Angelica's got some 'splanin to do.


Breakfast time. Pancakes and sausage with a frittata on the side. So awesome.


The shuttle bus is nearing the Con. I check over the schedule. There's not that much going on today. Still, it's the Con. I'm sure I can find something.


I just went to the "Jack Kirby Tribute Panel" to see Mark Evanier and Paul Dini (two of the many architects of my childhood entertainments), but this is turning out to be intriguing.

I glance toward the far wall. I think that's Angelica. With the last bit of power on my phone, I check my Twitter feed.

artbyangieg: Really digging this Jack Kirby panel.



Angelica left before I could get to her. I hope she's not avoiding me. For Christ's sakes, this isn't high school.

Wait. Can it be?

I can't believe it. I freaking found the Boom Studios booth...and they have "Supurbia"! $20 well spent, let me tell you.


More incredible cosplay: New Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Classic and...Joan from "Mad Men". Weird to see someone dressed like that here, but who am I to take away someone's reason to dress up?


The second "Cartoon Voices" panel. Different group of performers, but just as enjoyable.


Back on the convention floor. Managed to get a shot of Nacho Libre. No piledrive to the face, though.


Nothing too interesting for now. I take a seat outside the convention center. Sometimes, it's nice to just sit down.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No." I glance up. As I live and breathe...

"Hey! You still have your kidneys, right?"

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