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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Managed to score some good advice from this panel, but I currently face something that every Con goer faces at some point: a conflict. I'd like to go to the BOOM! Studios panel. Recently, I've grown fond of two titles from their fine company.

On the other hand, there's the panel that spotlights William Shatner and Roger Corman. What to do.


I flipped a coin. It came up heads.

The crowd is going nuts for Shatner. Can you blame them?


In the midst of footage from some thing about a 50-foot tall cheerleader, I surreptitiously check my Twitter feed.

artbyangieg: Still in Hall H. Pacific Rim and The Hobbit look sick!

Huh. That's why I haven't seen Angelica all day. Who knows if she even went home last night? Good for her, I guess.


Missing out on the BOOM! Studios panel reminds me to search for issues of "Supurbia". It's been next to impossible to find at home and online.

Been trolling about a dozen vendors. Still nothing. Looking for the BOOM! Studios booth. Again, nothing.


Been sitting near the entrance for easily the last twenty minutes. Good day, but very tiring. I couldn't care less if someone steps on me at this point.

A figure passes by me, then returns.


I glance up. There she is. Miss Hall H herself.

"Hey. I guess you had a good time."

"I did. Hall H is effing massive, but worth it to get inside. They had the panels for Man of Steel, Django Unchained, Pacific Rim and The Hobbit."

"You'll probably be seeing these trailers for months to come, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. What about you?"

"Not much. 'Futurama', 'Once Upon a Time' and the William Shatner/Roger Corman panel."

"Sounds cool."

"So, I guess you don't need to go to the Hall H playback panel."

"Not really, but I could use something to eat. My rations ran out halfway through the Pacific Rim panel."

A lightbulb appears over my head. "You got a sweet tooth?"

"Who doesn't?"

"Good to know."

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