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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Funny banter, funny footage. I love this "Futurama" panel. The Q & A is starting. I'm off like a shot. I run up, trying not to knock anyone over.

I wanted to ask this question two years ago, but I didn't have the nerve. Somehow, I feel emboldened to ask.

Matt Groening points at me. "Yes, sir, you have a question?"

"Yes, I do. I...was wondering how do you come up with so many designs for the many species of characters?"

My heart's beating so loudly in my head that I miss the answer completely. I'm sure it'll end up on YouTube, but I got to ask a question at a Con panel. Top of the world!


Could've stayed for "The Simpsons" panel, but I just had to file out for "Cartoon Voices". I love cartoons and I love the people who bring the characters to life.


Great panel, as ever, but now, I'm back in line for Ballroom 20. Definitely want to get into the "American Dad" panel. Line's longer than it was this morning and I'm much further back.


This line doesn't seem to be moving, at all. Starting to lose optimism. May as well snap pics of passing cosplayers.

One girl is dressed like Moka from "Rosario + Vampire". It's almost uncanny. I shrug my shoulders. Forget it, Jake. It's Comic-Con.

"Could you bite my neck while I snap a picture?"

"Yeah, sure."

I could only assume that I wasn't the first guy who asked. As embarassed as I felt, I was even more elated. Sadly, the moan that usually accompanied Moka's bite was not to be found.


Wait. The line's moving? Awesome. I just might get in.

Just twenty people ahead of me.

Only ten.


I'm nex--

"Sorry. We're full."


"Can't I stand in--"



I turn around and stomp off.


I'm sort of pursuing a career in show business. Though I'm looking to work on films, not television, I still think I can gain some useful knowledge from "The Write Stuff".

I get lost staring at the panel of writers. I can't help but envision myself on a Comic-Con panel cracking wise about the business and my own work. It'll be nice to know I'm entertaining people, but also to know that I'm attending Comic-Con on someone else's least, that's how I presume it's done.

I whip out a notepad. There might be some helpful tips, here.

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