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Saturday, July 21, 2012


I am loving this "Black Dynamite" panel. I caught the panel for the show at New York Comic Con, but the screaming crowd made it hard to hear the dialogue. Not so here.


I do a lot of wandering around the convention floor. Caught a glimpse of Abraham Lincoln...Vampire Hunter. I guess people did like that movie. (It was okay, I guess.) I didn't dare take a picture. This was one creepy-looking mofo. It is not unreasonable to assume that the vampires already got him.


To make up for not going to the "My Little Pony" panel, I agreed to go with Angelica (who just got out of "Breaking into Comics Right Now!") to "Girls Gone Genre". I'm liking it better than "Most Dangerous Women".


"And Then What Happened? Serialized Shows that Ended Too Soon". Though I'm learning quite a bit about a bunch of shows I never watched, I'm hoping to get a few moments with Scott M. Gimple, creator of Disney's "Fillmore!".


Following a couple of questions to Mr. Gimple (all I really had time for), I run into Angelica. She's on her way to the Hall H and Ballroom 20 Panel Playback. I'm not as interested in the shows, so I bid her adieu.


Stomping around San Diego in search of a good time. Everything is filled to capacity or invitation only. It's like high school with even more beautiful people.


I'm on the shuttle bus back to Days. No parties, no nothing. Maybe, a late dinner and local TV will cheer me up.


A cheeseburger, onion rings, root beer and "The Big Bang Theory". Pretty cool night cap. I think I'll listen to one of my new CDs when the show's over.

I've always wondered what was missing from the original release of The Phantom soundtrack.

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