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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Picked up some more CDs from the La La Land Records booth, including Star Trek: the Motion Picture (at long last!), Hook and First Knight.

The cosplay continues to blow my mind. A female Rocketeer. A female TinTin. A kid dressed like Edward Scissorhands.

As much fun as I'm having, I'm still thinking about Angelica. I hope she isn't too mad I wasn't at the panel with her.


Been meaning to head for the "Love and Capes" booth and chat up Thom Zahler. Sadly, I end up making the same mistake I made two years ago: getting suckered into going to the wrong 2000 booth. Screw this frustration. I'm sitting down.


The "Regular Show" panel starts with a reel of upcoming episodes. Looks pretty damned funny.


Back to the convention floor. Time to kill before the next panel of interest. Sometimes, it's just cool to walk around, look at cosplayers, drool over stuff you can't afford.


Found the right 2000 booth. Can't wait to crack this new issue of "Love and Capes" open. As I pull out a banana nut muffin, I pass right by a table.


I take a couple steps back. She's got a bag of swag from the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" panel. The 'Yay' t-shirt she's wearing may as well read 'Boo'. It would go well with her expression.


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