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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 11th, 9:26pm...Pacific Time

They're just about finishing up Preview Night at the Con. I check my schedule. Only "666 Park Avenue" strikes my fancy.

I arrive at my destination: Days Hotel - Hotel Circle/Sea World, just off Mission Valley Highway. One of the cheapest hotels in San Diego. It's an outdoor hotel, kind of like the place I stayed at for the Con a couple years hence.

Following the check-in ritual, I head for Room 117. Pretty nice place. Very roomy. I dump my luggage on the other bed and turn on the TV. Local news. Meh. I keep flipping. Sweet. They have HBO.

I figure I should get to bed early. There's a full four days of fun to look forward to.

It always feels weird staying in a hotel far from home. Everything feels different: the blankets on the bed, the lighting of the room, the noises outside. I may as well be on another planet.

Less than twelve hours. Awesome.

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