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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 10th, 9:27pm

Socks and underwear? Check.

Two pairs of shorts and a pair of pants? Check.

T-shirts, including the one I won in a Topless Robot contest? Check.

Autograph book? Check.

Poster tube? Check.

Plane tickets? Check.

Backpack that I've had since high school? Check.

CD player with various soundtracks? Check.

Double AA batteries? Check.

Cell phone and charger? Check.

Toiletries, including comb and deodorant? Definite check.

Credit cards? Check.

Comic-Con schedule printed online? Check.

Comic-Con confirmation for 4-day badge? Check and mate.

I really feel like I'm forgetting something. I hate that feeling and yet, it won't leave me alone. Wait...

Condoms? Check. (The only way a guy like me could get laid, at this point, is by accident, but one must hope for the best.)

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