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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm learning so much from this panel on film composers and working relationships. A lot of give and take involved in this kind of thing.

As much as I'm focused on this, I'm still thinking about Angelica. I whip out my phone and check my Twitter feed.

artbyangieg: luv this panel on breakin into comix. wont be long now.

I guess she's having a good time.


"You're from Buffalo?"

"I'm not as proud of that as you'd think. How about you?"

"Evanston, Illinois."

I nod politely.

"You don't know where that is, do you?"

"I don't want to say no."

"Usually, I just tell people Chicago. Much less blank stares that way."


"It must be so cool working in a movie theater. Free movies when you want."

"Yeah. Sometimes, something really lame comes along."

"I hear you. This movie that's coming out, The Watch, looks so retarded, it should be illegal."

"Yeah, that looks bad, but I was thinking of Ruby Sparks."

"Oh, come on! That looks good."

"A guy writes about a girl and she comes to life. That doesn't sound like bullshit to you?"

Should I tell her?


"You think that Casino is a better move than Goodfellas?"

"I do."

"You're a freak!"

"What? I like the story better. I like the soundtrack better."

"Come on!"

"Maybe it's because I saw Casino first. Kind of like why I prefer Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey to Excellent Adventure."

"Why am I even talking to you?"

"I don't know."

"You're not even that funny, or that cute."

"You think I'm cute?"


"Too bad, 'cause I think you're kinda cute."

"You--! Really?"

"Really really. You don't hear it that often?"

"Nah. Most guys go for blondes with big cans. I don't stand a chance."

"My preference is redheads, but I do like brunettes."

She smiles nervously. "Cool."

"I heard there's a panel where you can see the stuff from Hall H and Ballroom 20. Wanna go?"

"Yeah, okay." She takes off. I follow her.

Going to see celebs talk about their latest stuff, and at Comic-Con? Best first date ever.


I'm with Angelica at the Hall H/Ballroom 20 panel playback. The Expendables 2. Disney's upcoming movies. "Psych".

The sense of community. Experiencing stuff with a new friend. I love Comic-Con.

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