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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday, 7:25am

I really thought I'd be awake a little later. I guess I could crack open "Batman: the Animated Series - Vol. 2". What a joy to hear the score from "Mad as a Hatter".


Flipping around the TV, I run across a news story on Comic-Con. Just as it was two years ago, it's off-putting watching a story on the Con and it's only a stones-throw away.


Pancakes, eggs, sausage and juice fron Bunz. I should definitely consider staying at Days Hotel next year.


Another ride on the shuttle bus. This is one thing I miss since I got a car: sleeping while someone else does the driving.

I can only assume that Angelica left earlier. She's not on the bus now. It was probably kismet that we rode at the same time the last two days. There was no synchronization between us.


Waiting in line for Ballroom 20. I'm not as close to the front as I'd like. There are quite a few people in line...four, I believe, dressed as Rumpelstiltskin from "Once Upon a Time". No mystery what panel they're waiting for. It's the one I'm trying to get into.


The line starts to move. As I move along with it, I catch a glimpse of a cosplayer who seems to be outfitted in a Red Riding Hood's hood/Ruby's miniskirt combo. She even has long dark hair. Some things I probably shouldn't dwell on.


Took some time to find a seat, but I did it. Still waiting on footage from the second season, but the panel is quite spirited. I'm struck by how warm Lana Parilla is in comparison to the Queen.


Not going anywhere. The "Futurama" panel is about to start.

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