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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random thoughts - doing Los Angeles.

- With all the places I wanted to go to this time out, I knew for certain that I would need a car, so I rented one. It came with (for a few bucks more) a GPS. Made the trek so much easier.

- At the get-together of film music fans (and the Fans of Film Music panel), I met film editor Marshall Harvey (The 'burbs, Matinee, Small Soldiers). Nice guy and, in typical 'me' fashion, I never thought to ask how someone would become an editor or, Heaven forbid, if he needed an apprentice.

- Also, I must mention the house the get-together was held at. The owner has a mind-boggling collection of soundtracks (disc and vinyl), as well as a passel of movie memorabilia. Needless to say, I was envious.

- However, his house was at the bottom of a very steep road. I parked the car at the top of the street and I was genuinely afraid that the brakes would disengage and slide down the street, incurring damage to the car and other vehicles. As I made my way back up the street, all I could do was walk because, hey, it was a hill. Therefore, if a coyote or serial killer marked me for death, I seriously would've just lied down and let nature take its course.

- Took the Starline Tours around Hollywood. See the city, hop off if you wanted to stroll around, then hop back on. Pretty sweet deal for $20. (However, if you take this tour - which I recommend highly, by the way - and you decide to see more and get some air on the upper level of the bus, don't forget to duck. You'll know when to do it.)

- Comic book stores are awesome #1: At one point, I was forced to hop off as I was running low on juice for my cell phone (can't take pictures if there's no power) and finding nowhere to charge it up. I happen upon Golden Apple Comics ("If you don't shop here, you are not a nerd." - "Writing Movies for Fun and Profit"). Not only was I able to pick up some cool titles, including "Fanboys vs. Zombies" #5 that I managed to miss back home, but the nice girl behind the counter agreed to charge up my phone. The odd thing about her? With her red dress and reddish hair, she was very resemblant of the title character of Ruby Sparks. I didn't dare push the issue, though.

- Comic book stores are awesome #2: Emerald Knights Comics (which used to be across from Dark Delicacies on Magnolia Boulevard) was hosting a signing of talents from "Green Lantern: the Animated Series", including composer Frederik Wiedmann. It was at 1:00, but the people running the place allowed me to hang around for some 45 minutes prior. Good thing, because the sunny weather was murder. I managed to pick up a handful of titles, including the nearly-impossible-to-find 3rd and 4th issues of "Supurbia".

- Of course, I had to go to Amoeba Music my first night out. Still a mindblowing experience. The soundtrack selection was as incredible as ever and on the second level of DVDs, there were still more soundtracks to be found.

- The Fans of Film Music Panel (or Panels, I should say) was a blast. Informative and entertaining. The highlight: George S. Clinton mentioning a disagreement he had with Zalman King on "Red Shoe Diaries". I dare not spoil the details, though.

- Roomed at the Ramada Burbank as I did three years ago. Still a very nice place.

- One more note: as I was driving home Friday night, I found that there was a Toyota Corolla behind me. So far, so unimpressive, right? Behind the wheel of said Corolla was...I'm still not sure, but it was either David Strathairn or Alan Rickman. He was behind me for quite some time. I couldn't help but feel giddy that I had encountered a celebrity, if only for a brief time.

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