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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


"This should be good."

Angelica laughs a little. "What?"

"How did I get back to my hotel?"

"Well, let's put on our thinking caps, shall we? You got drunk..."

"Wait. Wait. I don't drink."

"You did last night. First time?"

"Only time."

"I figured. You puked everywhere. Anyway, you got drunk. I brought you back to the Convention Center."

"But you were drunk, too. I saw the pictures."

"Some of the people I deal with, I can't help but drink. I'm used to it. I can handle it better."


"I went through your pockets and found your room key. I told the driver to let you off at Days Hotel. I guess one of the staff guided you to your room."

"That was nice." A thought struck me. "You and I didn't do anything, did we? Not that I wouldn't want to. You're very pretty..."

"Nothing happened."

"That's the sense that I didn't violate you. I don't want that to ruin this Con for me."

"Shut it."


"I think there were some good shots last night."

"I can't really see them. My phone is nearly dead. I'm gonna go charge it up."

"Cool. I'll come with."


"By the way, you gonna tell me about the shirt?"

"My shirt?"

"'Topless Robot'? I'm starting to feel relief that nothing happened."

"I won it in a contest. 'Future Casualties of American Cultural Imperialism'. Take a foreign property and speculate the best way for Hollywood to fuck it up."

"And how'd you win?"

I clear my throat for dramatic effect. "He made you laugh in Little Nicky. He made you cry in Click. Now, Adam Sandler takes on his greatest role to date: Adam Sandler is...Blackadder."

Angelica puts her hand up. Color drained from her face. "Stop right there. That's just diabolical. Was it worth it?"

I shrug a little. "I got the shirt, didn't I?"

Angelica checks her phone. "Oh, crap. There's a panel I need to get to."

"Do you really have to go or was the mock-outrage...not mock?"

She holds up her phone.

"'What's Cool in Graphic Novels'. Okay. Have fun."

"You, too. You horrible person."

She said that with a smile. I don't think she meant it.


The panel for "The Cleveland Show" is going on in Hall H. The show is just okay, but I had to see the inside of Hall H, just once. Sweet crap, this place is huge!


Don't want to miss the next panel. Film music is awesome! I bump into someone. We both hit the ground. I stammer out hurried apologies.

I get a good look at the woman I knocked over. Time stands still for a moment.

Something like this could only happen at Comic-Con.

I just knocked over Tara Strong.

"I am so, very sorry."

"You must really be in a rush."

I help her up but she doesn't really need me. "Kind of, but that's no excuse. Again, I'm sorry. You're not hurt, are you?"

"No. I'm fine."

"This isn't the most opportune time, but I'm a huge fan of your work."

"Thanks, I guess."

I back away, trying like hell to break through the crowd that has gathered. "You take care. I'm sorry. Have a nice day."


I don't think I've ever run that fast in my life. I didn't even look back, I was so nervous.

Here I am at the TV and Film Music Panel. Marc Shaiman is on the panel. Been a fan for years.


Panel's over. I rush right up to Shaiman. I ask him a couple of questions, mainly about his Addams Family scores. Very quick-witted.


I rest outside the building. A few people approach me. Some laugh, some scowl, some make cracks about assault charges. At least, I think they're cracks.

I'm the guy who knocked over Twilight Sparkle. How fortunate.


Here I am, back in my room and burning through Star Trek: the Motion Picture. My flight leaves in about seven hours, so I'll have to get packed and going eventually.

My phone's fully charged. Out of morbid curiosity, I check my Twitter feed.

tarastrong: Had a run-in with a fan. We didn't trade insurance info. That's #SDCC for you.

Good that she has a sense of humor about this.


At the airport. Bags are checked. I'm just killing time before my section is called. I check my e-mail.

Someone at added 'It's a Changing Life' to their favorites. I click on the link.

I can't help but read the reviews. Huh. A new one.

"This is a well-done story. Very true to the episode. You have a real gift for writing. You ought to do it professionally." - angieg

Even though, Angelica's on her way to Wisconsin and I'm going to New York, I feel like we're really close now. Like friends.

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