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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I don't usually complain about work anymore around here (the job hasn't gotten better; it's just that I don't have the energy to post about it). Today, though...well, just read on.

Being a moron magnet is a heavy burden and, as usual, they came out in force: people too lazy to put their empties in the machine, people who assumed that I could read minds and didn't feel like telling me, with words, exactly what they wanted and a supervisor who could fuck up a cheese sandwich (how hard is it to make sure that the bags are in the bins in the machines and tied the right way when they're extracted?).

The straw that broke my back came at around 3:15pm. A woman and her friend came in to return the items she bought. She wanted to by them with her food stamp card instead of cash. I was in the middle of cashing them out when the phone rang. Being the only person in the office, I answered it. The friend starts to get upset, though I can't imagine why. When I get off the phone, she is so indignant. Again, why? Has she lived her whole life without dealing with someone who had to answer a phone call? Has someone never bugged her while she was on the phone? I continue ringing up the items, but her attitude persists. I tell her, "It's not against the law to treat people with respect." She claims I'm not respecting her by answering the phone. Well, excuse me, you fucking cunt, if I can't stop the world to serve you. Of course, this bitch was Black (and don't even try to cry 'racism!'; it's not racism if it's against your own race) and, the next time I see her, I'm Chris Browning her into next week just like I should've done.

I've never been attracted to Black women and that incident clinched it. If you ever see me dating a Black woman, you'll know I've given up on life and my suicide will be imminent.

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