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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"And I'm still kicking! I must be on Broadway."

Now, this could just be hearsay or conjecture (widely recognized as kinds of evidence), but is it possible that someone of mild importance has been reading this blog?

How else to explain the fact that Timecop is being talked up for a reboot? (As you may or may not recall, I threw up the idea for another take on this material, once upon a time.)

I really do think this is a good idea. I've mentioned here, a number of times, that I have an affection for time travel stories. (A protagonist given the chance to change his fate? How can I not be drawn to such an idea?) I also mentioned that the 1994 Van Damme film was one of his better movies, so who knows if the new movie will adhere to that plotline? It's probably better that it didn't though. A time-travel story that limits itself seems like a waste.

I couldn't begin to conceive of what kind of story this new version would or should do. Still, I wish the filmmakers luck and hope that a strong balance of action and humor can be struck.

Hmmmm...revamp of a fascinating but flawed feature about time travel...that reminds me: it's still not too late for another version of Looper. It's really not.

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