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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 18th, 9:14am

God, what a relaxing sleep. Something about hotel beds feels strange and comfortable at the same time.

My eyes open. Angelica stands right over me, fully dressed and ready to go. That Fluttershy 'yay' shirt looks good on her.

"Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey."

I yawn a little. "What time is it?"

"Time for school. What time do you think it is?"

I glance over to the clock.


"Yeah. Oh."

"Better get up."

"A sound theory."

"Better get dressed."

"Two for two."

"I don't know."

"I beg your pardon?"

"This bed is so comfortable. Can't I stay here a while?"

"No. I'm not gonna let you lose your job for nothing." She stalks over to the window. "You see that? You see those people? About to have the most fun they'll have all year? Don't you want to join them?"

"Can't I think about it?"

Her face scrunches into a scowl.

"You're getting out of bed right now!" She throws the covers off of me. Her eyes goggle.

I'm fully dressed. "So, we leaving or what?"

"I'm gonna remember this if you pound on the door claiming that someone's chasing you."

"And I'll remember to order room service for the both of us next time, though, to be fair, I didn't know what you wanted."

"You already ate?"

"Around 6:30. I was adamant that the guy not disturb you. You looked so peaceful."

She stares daggers at me. Not so peaceful, now.


I finger the strap for my badge as I walk the floor.

Wow. The convention center is huge. It's like it gets bigger every year. The Lone Ranger ambles by. I guess some people liked that movie after all...myself included.

Angie didn't speak to me the whole walk to the Center. I hope she feels better later on.


"The Anatomy of Superhero Film Music". Loving the samples of Beltrami's The Wolverine and Margeson's Kick-Ass 2.


Panel's over. The room's clearing out. I check the schedule. "Dreamworks Animation Focus". That they'll be talking about Turbo is enough to chase me away. Talk about a non-starter.

There's a collection of animated short films in Hall H. Knowing my luck, it's already full or on the verge of becoming so, so that's out.

No other interesting panels, no interesting autograph subjects...well, shit. Okay, worst case scenario, I'm in San Diego. May as well see what it looks like.


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