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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Well, it's the second weekend of July and that can only mean one thing...Comic-Con is around the corner!

Okay, two things.

The other, more pertinent thing is that the Taste of Buffalo is halfway over.

Wanting to have some kind of a game plan, I whipped up something of a menu of items I wanted to eat. For whatever reason, I decided not to eat some of them. However, I did have my share of fine cuisine:

- The Papaya Restaurant's Fried Wonton was just as crunchy and delicious as ever. The sauce was also good.

- Then it was off to Joe's Crab Shack. The plan was to sample their Crazy-Good Crab Dip, which lived up to its title, but I also had to try their Great Balls of Fire, a fragile but tasty mixture of seafood, crab, jalapenos and cream cheese. The ranch dressing was a nice addition.

- Along my route was Carmine's Restaurant and, as with last year, I had to try their Potato Cheddar Casserole, a fantastic mix of cheese, potatoes and spices, topped with corn flakes. Just splendid.

- The Black Market Food Truck had something called Buffalo Chicken Arancini. Even though it was Buffalo chicken and hot sauce (which I didn't register at the time), I was willing to give it a shot. Sadly, after taking one bite, my hand slipped, sacrificing the meal to the sidewalk Gods. Still, that one bite was pretty decent.

- Trying to recover from that loss, I stopped at Eddie Ryan's for half a Reuben Sandwich. Not really something I'd eat all the time (nor should I; the combination of corned beef and sauerkraut is a little rich), but quite tasty.

- Looking to top off the meal, I go to Zebb's for a delicious Brownie. I love it.

- Still on a dessert high, I go to Danny's Restaurant for a slice of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cream Pie. Still smashing.

- Though I'm starting to feel logy, I press on, going to Miller's Steak and Crab House for a Crab Cake with dipping sauce. Not bad.

- On the way back, I remember that May Jen Restaurant offers Crab Rangoon. I tried it for the first time earlier this year. There were ten pieces in that order that I labored to finish. As I took a seat and enjoyed the two pieces in this offering, I thought, 'maybe, this is how I was meant to enjoy this dish'.

Taking a break from walking around, I surfed the internet and was quite happy with the woman who offered to throw away my dish after some of her refuse blew my way.

- The Riverstone Grill offered the Bleu Heron Burger. Though the patty was a bit small, the toppings (including onion strings and hunks of blue cheese) were welcome.

- The last dish of the day was Banana Pudding, courtesy of Nette's Fried Chicken. The day I get tired of the stuff is the day I die.

Whenever I get the opportunity, I like to go both days. Sunday's exploits included:

- A trip to BW's Barbecue to try their Chicken Cacciatore Soup. Though a bit thin, it's still tasty.

- Next up is Jack Astor's Bar and Grill to enjoy their Garlic Pan Bread and Lobster and Crab Dip with Chips. Very delicious.

- Anderson's Frozen Custard makes a pretty good Cake Batter Ice Cream. I decided on that instead of their Salty Bacon Sundae. Dear whoever decided to mix bacon with are a dirty fucking Communist. Signed, everybody with taste.

- The Seafood Bisque at The Original Soupman, even in its sample size, is quite appealing.

- Back to Zebb's for another brownie. Saving this for later.

- Then, it's off to Caribbean Experience for a Beef Patty. It's good, if a little smaller than I expected.

- Try as I may, I can't get enough of the Potato Cheddar Casserole from Carmine's.

- At this point, I hit the wall and become ever more desperate to get rid of my tickets, so I return to Nette's for some Banana Pudding.

- Clarence Center Coffee Co. & Cafe offered Gluten Free Cake Pops. I chose the chocolate ones and, once I got past the cutesy exterior, I gobbled it up.

- I need to get some Fried Wontons from Papaya. Again, can't get enough.

- Six tickets left. I stumble toward Go Veggies Cafe, in search of their Mango Pudding. A little too congealed, but decent on the level of fruit cocktail.

All in all, an enjoyable experience. Can't wait to do it again next year.



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