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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just something to liven things much as something I do can liven things up. Here are my reviews of recent cartoons:

SheZow - As my work schedule was wonky, I missed roughly the first month of this show's existence, but then, I got a reprieve. I checked out a couple of episodes. Once you get past the overreliance on 'She' puns (not since Ron losing his pants on "Kim Possible" has a cartoon writing staff forced a gag so harshly), it's a neat little show. Amusing and surprisingly charming. I'm not crazy about Guy's dad, though. (Still, one has to consider the multiple heart attacks he's likely to have if he ever learns SheZow's true identity.)

Teen Titans Go! - By all the names of God, I wanted to like this show. Despite the negative buzz, I gave it a shot. After all, I enjoyed the DC Nation shorts that were this show's progenitors. (Also, I have a fondness for the classic show when it gets silly - "Mad Mod", "Don't Touch that Dial", "Fractured"). This show isn't so much an extension of the DC Nation shorts as it is a slipshod Brundlefly-ing of "Teen Titans" and "Johnny Test". The episode "Gorilla" was my breaking point.

Sanjay and Craig - I've only seen one episode of this show...and I really feel like that's all I need. The two of them snuck into a hospital and disguised themselves as "rad doctors" to witness a butt operation. That's comedy? While less excruciating than "Fanboy and Chum Chum" (the last cartoon I cut loose after one and only one viewing), it's still something I will go out of my way to avoid.

GrojBand - From two "Total Drama Island" directors, this show isn't nearly as good...nor is it terribly original. First, you have Phineas (of "...and Ferb" fame) leading a garage band that also includes some dude with glasses and dark-haired Owen. For some reason, Vicky ("The Fairly OddParents") is Phineas' psychotically bitchy sister and she's in love with generic handsome guy #224 who refers to himself in the third person. Oh, and Isabella's in the band, too. (She's in love with him, but he is completely oblivious.) If I was expecting anything from this show, I'd hate it. As I was expecting nothing, let me tell you, my expectations were met.

Monsters vs. Aliens - As far as McCorkle/Schooley adaptations of animated movies go, it's no "Penguins of Madagascar" or "Hercules", but it's pretty funny. (Though I don't remember the President being quite this stupid in the movie.) BTW, the episode "Educational Television" made me laugh like a loon.

Almost Naked Animals - Less new than the others on this list, I admit. No one talks about this show, and when they do, it's not complimentary. Okay, it's ridiculous, inconsequential and occasionally gross...and yet, it makes me laugh, perhaps because of those qualities (okay, maybe not the grossness). Duck, in particular, cracks me up.

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