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Sunday, October 12, 2014

I love L.A.

I just couldn't bring myself to post four straight YouTube filler posts (in fact, that's a new rule at the blog) and the less said, the better about my attempts at getting anything off the ground for 'Lost in the stacks'.

I'm still stomping out for jobs, though I have two aces in the hole that might help me achieve my dreams, both of which I'm putting a Halloween deadline on.

Now, I've been thinking about the two times I've been out to Los Angeles. I've decided on making a list of reasons that I'd like to live out there.

10. Lipton Brisk fruit punch - Very minor league, but imagine how amazed I was to find this in 7-Eleven...and how crestfallen I was to not find it on this side of the Rockies.

9. living like an adult - It'd be nice to have a living situation where I'm beholden not to my parents, but to myself.

8. a chance to start over - No one knows who I am in Los Angeles. I can become a brand new person; the me I've always longed to be.

7. the sights - On the off chance that some bigwig wants me 'in town and out of my sight', I'd have plenty of places to go, plenty of things to see. L.A. is a big town, after all.

6. seeing celebrities - This pretty much speaks for itself.

5. the revival theaters - I've had scattered experiences with seeing old movies on the big screen in my life. Imagine doing this every night...

4. Amoeba Music - Without question, the best record store I have ever been in. The soundtrack section is enough to make one cry.

3. the eats - Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. Never a dull moment.

2. proximity to the studios - If I'm planning on having any kind of film career, I need to be in the environment.

1. sunshine all year round - What I wouldn't give for a January day where I wouldn't have to clear snow off of my car and I could walk around in shorts.

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