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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Today, I revisited my old colleges to obtain copies of my transcripts (backstory: I went to a two-year college, then transferred those credits to a four-year college. Also, I figured that the job that required the transcripts would ask for both of them if the occasion arose).

The two-year college mailed my transcript to me. Then, I headed off to the four-year college (BTW, good thing I went to school in state). Following a nightmare of locating the proper parking lot for visitors, I go in and get two copies (one for my collection and one for the employer).

Following that, I just can't resist taking a tour of the place. Much to my relief, no one questions me or even what I'm doing there. After getting a look at the building where I took my film classes (and searching in vain for an entry into the business), I decide to head back.

Back when I went to the college, I took a series of tunnels and pathways that connected several of the buildings. A serious boon for a part of the country with unforgiving weathers. I just had to take that path, not just to show I still knew the way, but also for shits and giggles. I documented it on my phone, but I'll not be uploading it, lest I incur the wrath of the people I caught in the vid or the university whose property I shot without permission.

Still, it was an absolute blast.



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