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Monday, October 27, 2014

That bit I mentioned about my files being incomprehensible? It's because of a virus created by cyberterrorists. In exchange for the low, low price of $500, they'll give me the means to unlock a key to restore my files. As I'm still without a job (and as I only really need a few of the files that were tainted), let me just tell those individuals to fuck their own faces, fuck their mothers and fuck their mother's faces, for good measure.

Speaking of impossible to pay, I get a letter from my credit card company telling me that, because I missed a payment (one payment in years of loyal service), the credit limit is being cut in half. I might be able to pay the money I owe for this month, but, without some kind of employment, I don't know about next month and the ones after.

I've applied for roughly 50-60 jobs in the time since I submitted my two weeks notice at the store (and I just may end up begging for that position back if I'm still jobless at Thanksgiving). I'm still in dire financial straits. This isn't some weedy quote-unquote "nice guy" whining about why "none of those stuck-up bitches will date me!". This is a college-educated man wondering why he can't get something as simple as a part-time job.

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