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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Losing a cell phone is never easy. Just ask me, who's been falling to pieces over it the last few days (and this breakdown might just be part of what costs me this job for the post-seasonal period).

I'd been rushing to the store's lost and found department and men's room. Nada. However, a break in the case came today, probably: there's a kiosk in the mall where one can turn in used phones for money. This being the Christmas season (and this being Buffalo!), I don't doubt that someone would screw someone else over for a couple of bucks.

I plan on contacting the company that owns the kiosk. I sincerely hope that this ordeal can come to a good end.

You may be asking, 'It's just a phone. Can't you get another one?'. Granted, there are likely cheaper phone plans and units with more expansive features out there, but it's not just holding on to what I have. A few weeks ago, the phone choked up; I couldn't access anything on the screen. I sent away for a brand-new one...the one I lost last week. I just got my phone back (in a manner of speaking). I can't let it go. I don't have too much in life. I need to hold on to what little I have.



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