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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (Michael Boddicker)

Milo, a cat and Otis, a dog, grow up as the best of friends, but when Milo gets swept down river, Otis sets off to find him. Episodic, but incredibly charming family movie. Not much substance, but hard to resist.

Though the project cried out for a David Newman, Michael Boddicker's synth score has its share of delightful passages and could make for a decent album (it does tend toward repetitiveness in the film, somewhat).

The Adventures of Milo and Otis
composed and performed
Michael Boddicker

1. "Walk Outside" (Main Titles) 1.14
2. Milo Meets Otis/Mischievous Milo 4.50
3. Hide and Seek/Babysitting 3.08
4. The Intruder 2.54
5. Hatching/To the Dock 5.15
6. Boat Trip 2.06
7. Encounter with a Bear 1.57
8. Over the River/Scary Night 2.27
9. Otis Searches/Empty Box/Digging for Lunch 4.40
10. Storm Clouds/Ride from a Turtle 4.41
11. Hopping with a Fox 1.03
12. Road of Wood and Iron 0.56
13. Friendly Wildlife/Sunset/Dreams of Home/Rescue of a New Friend 8.25
14. Fighting for Fish 2.30
15. Shelter 1.29
16. Teasing the Bear 2.25
17. From a Snake to a Pit 1.18
18. Reunited Rescue 2.07
19. Frolic of Friendship/Courting/Winter/Bigger Family 10.17
20. Lost in the Storm/Fish Delivery/Extended Family 6.37
21. Cats and Dogs 0.54
22. "Walk Outside" (End Credits) 2.24

Yes, Boddicker didn't write "Walk Outside", but the soundtrack to this movie would be rather naked without it, I think.



Blogger Soundtrack Collector said...

Hi - do you actually have this soundtrack? I've never seen an actual track listing like this.


4:27 PM  
Blogger lonestarr357 said...

This is one of those track listing posts I do from time to time. Sadly, this has never been released; just a harmless bit of speculation that came from admiring the music and creating the track list.

Thanks for the comment.

12:17 PM  

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