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Monday, April 04, 2016

Terry Plumeri (1944-2016)

It was the mid-90s. I was flipping around the television, as was my wont when I wasn't in school. I'd stumbled onto a movie on the Disney Channel: Stepmonster. I don't recall thinking much of the movie at the time, but I was struck by the music. Creepy, yet beautiful. As this was before I dove head first into the film music waters, this was something of a big deal.

That music was by Terry Plumeri who, because of a senseless tragedy, was taken from this world.

Years later, I sought out Plumeri's works. I'd found a way to attain a triple-feature of his that was out-of-print, featuring his scores for Final Judgment, The Terror Within 2 and...Stepmonster.

Some time after, Intrada began releasing his music on CD, starting with his debut score for the rather disappointing horror movie Scarecrows. Superb music achieved with very little resources. Even though I'd never seen the movies, more Intrada releases followed: Mr. Atlas and Raging Angels. (Much as I will always revere the man, the sound samples for Black Sea Raid just didn't intrigue me.)

Much like Shirley Walker (gone ten years this fall), I envisioned myself working alongside this genius, giving what I'd written so much more depth than I could muster alone.

Farewell and thank you for the music.



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