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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The problem with having very little money - if not, none at all - is that there's so much you want to have and you have no way to get it. (To pick an example out of a hat: ever since I heard about crab rangoon pizza on "Food Paradise", I've wanted to try it. However, I know that it's gonna be several years before I can afford to fly to the place that serves it, so I was planning on making my getting crab rangoon from a Chinese restaurant and eating it with pizza from a pizza place. However, I can't yet afford that, either; something that would, at most, run me ten bucks.)

Granted, I have a job and I'm currently in the process for interviewing for another, but the money I currently have can only stretch so far. Yesterday, during a day trip to sell some of my DVDs*, I rummaged through the armrest/compartment of my car and noticed several old ATM receipts I'd saved. Many of them were from last year and, at varying points, I had three figure totals in my account. I'd kill to have that kind of fiduciary consistency again...and, God willing, I won't have to.

* - Unlike my CDs, to which I have a deep connection with and, as such, could never completely sell, I have little - if any - problem with selling DVDs. With the many viewing platforms these days (and the unfortunate dearth of special features on some of them), unloading DVDs for a bit of coin makes for a nice problem solver. Just yesterday, I was able to sell six DVDs...and I got back $6.50. Sure brought a smile to my face.



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