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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Couldn't deal with repeating this day.

Things I've never been too keen on in all my life are games designed to trick the eyes. Hidden pictures, what's wrong with this pictures, spot the difference pictures, optical illusions; hate 'em all. They purport to teach people to be more observant to their surroundings, but they just throw me off-guard when all I'm trying to do is enjoy something I'm looking at.

All of which is to say I lost that sweet job I mentioned at the beginning of the year.

My department was to be checking the reports of field representatives who look at houses and look for hazards. Part of my training was looking at pictures and making sure that the sketches (architectural layouts) of the houses matched the pictures. All too often, when my work was being checked, I missed things. Sometimes obvious, sometimes not.

And, let me tell you, this was a sweet gig: paid every week, casual dress code, sit at a computer entering figures into squares and not have to answer phone calls from fucking psycho- and sociopaths all day.

At the very least, I maintained my dignity when I was told to hit the road. I still have some other ways to make money, big and small. Here's hoping they hit.

And, for now, all I can do is keep at it, even if I fail. Isn't that right:

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