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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And the nominees are...

- Nine Best Picture nominees. Even if I had the money to see more movies this year, I still would've likely shown interest in one of them.

- Suicide Squad an Academy Award-nominated movie (for Make-Up and Hairstyling)? That sound you hear is a world of haters eating a bag of shit with a side of dicks.

- Greig Fraser gets his first cinematography nod (for Lion). While I loved Linus Sandgren's work on La La Land, a part of me will be rooting for him.

- First time nominations for Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield, Naomie Harris, Lucas Hedges, Isabelle Huppert, Ruth Negga and Dev Patel.

- Strong showing for the Best Animated Feature category (read: no nomination for Sausage Party).

- A Best Director nod for Mel Gibson. Looks like he's on the comeback trail.

- Having listened to all the nominees for Original Score on Spotify, I'm putting my faith in Jackie and Passengers, though let's be honest, it'll likely go to La La Land.

- Trolls got an Original Song nod, making it an Academy Award-nominated movie. Balls.

- Among the nominees for Adapted Screenplay is Eric Heisserer for Arrival. You may remember him from such genre exercises as the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, the prequel to The Thing and the surprisingly good Final Destination 5.

- It took a while, but a movie set in modern times got a Costume Design nod.

- Movies that got snubbed: Live by Night, Sully (save for a Sound Mixing nod), A Monster Calls and The Founder.

- As much as I loved Deadpool, did anyone really believe it would get a Best Picture nod? Yeah, probably not.



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