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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've wasted my life.

No, this isn't the ordinary, generic, run-of-the-mill whining about wasting my life. This time, it's specific.

I spent the latter two years of college at an accredited university with a film program. People were creating incredible work at that school: short films, computer projects. Did I work just as hard or make any connections with those people, in the vain hope that, if one of them made it into the business, I might be able to nudge my way in? If the answer was yes, would I be making this post?

I made very little (if any) connections with anyone. I had a golden opportunity and seven and a half years later, I've nothing to show for it. This became clear to me as I was preparing to attend a going-away party for a girl who lived up the street from me and who was fulfilling the promise she'd shown as an NYU student/protege of no less than Spike Lee, and who I talked to a grand total of, maybe, three times. BTW, it turned out that the party was yesterday.

All I have now are a passel of half-finished screenplays and half-baked ideas. Maybe, it's finally time to hit Facebook and start kissing ass.



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