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Saturday, February 05, 2011

I don't know. Maybe, I've been snippy with the wrong people, cut the wrong person off in traffic or challenged the wrong person on an internet message board. Whatever the reason, karma fucked me in the ass hard here.

I lost an auction for the expanded soundtrack to Clash of the Titans (the original) not too long ago. If that had merely been enough, I suppose I could let it go. After all, losing internet auctions is a part of life, albeit a tiny one.

I did a preliminary tax return yesterday. I usually do my own taxes, but this year, my mother decided to claim me as a dependent. My refund will end up substantially lower than what I'm used to. If this had been enough, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe, it'll help her in the long run.

Like a number of geeks, I was eagerly awaiting to purchase tickets to Comic-Con. I'd hoped to get them in November, then in December, then in January, but they weren't available. The promised sell date for the tickets, after all that waiting, was February I figured that I'd have some time to get a four-day pass upon my return, as the site was overwhelmed before I left. I got back from a trip of buying comics and lunching at Applebees to hear my father say that tickets were sold out. I feverishly booted up my computer, hoping that he was wrong; believing that, if there is a God, he is wrong. Sure enough, the four-day passes are sold out. Maybe, probably, I could get day passes for Thursday, Friday and Sunday, but I cannot believe that, after having a carrot like this dangled in front of me for so long, I get to this point without anything.

Add this to a particularly grueling work week and I can only conclude the post with the following:




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